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Integrated Peristaltic Pump head is computer programmable for start and stop times as well as speed. Utilizing a 2 speed asynchronis motor for high torque output, rinse tray recirculation and sample uptake can be accomodated from the same head.
Pneumatically charged sipper tube quickly raises and lowers for maximum sample throughput. This design also affords enough force to pierce rubber septum test tube caps.

Autosamplers feature a random access XY stepper motor control positionng system. Rack sizes of 32 and 65 sample tubes use standard generic test tubes for greater flexibility.

Driven via RS232C conrol and coupled with the powerful Spectra Analysis Package, random access X-Y programmability is accomplished.

Auto sequencing of tray table identification is as easy as a click of the mouse. Up to 10 predefined trays can be stored for instant access while sampling. Single click buttons sent the sampler to a predefined tube change pump speed and send the sipper to the rinse.


MARIA Autosamplers