Spectra also manufactures and markets spectrometer accessories such as peristaltic sample delivery pumps, Hydride Generation units for improving detection of gas forming metalloids and Direct Current and Inductively Coupled Plasma excitation sources.
Spectra Hardware, located 23 miles east of Pittsburgh PA., occupies 35,000 sq.ft. just off exit 7 of the PA Turnpike. Complete manufacturing, research and development, and laboratories are housed on this 2.5 acre site. The plant includes a machine shop, sheet metal shop, glass blowing, electronic and computer laboratory, demonstration and analytical laboratory and sales, marketing and service offices.


Founded in 1981 as a supplier for the spectroscopy instrumentation industry, Spectra developed data acquisition systems for the Direct Current Plasma Atomic Emission Spectrometer. It's Windows based SAP (Spectral Analysis Package) coupled with its versatle IDAC-360 hardware provided complete control and data collection for multi-element analysis from the percent ppb (parts per billion) levels.